Vibrate lip stains that last at Minority Beauty

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With all of the different types of lipsticks that are available, from Glossy, Matte how could we forget lip stains?

You know those lip stains that even when you eat. Where the standard lipstick will disappear you still have that hint of colour because it is a lip stain, so you can eat normally without having to make those exaggerated open mouth displays. Which you have to admit is funny to watch when you are in a restaurant and the person across for you are doing what appears to be the adults version of the airplane. 

If there is no children present it's never a good look ever. That is where lip stains come in. AtMinority Beauty we have 3 of the most luxurious colour that come in Burlesque, Sangria and VIP and we names like those you know that they are good.

Created by Crown Professionals who are renown in the beauty industry for their professional brushes have started branching out into the cosmetics realm. Applying there quality into their makeup and we are so happy and glad to be one of their stockist have a look at the whole range that we carry on our website today.. 

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