Ask us a Questions and we will try and Answer:

Who is this store for?

We are catering for old and young as long as you have melanin in your skin, you are our main clientele and if you don't have melanin in your skin tone, don't worry we have a few things for you too.

Where do you get your products from?

We get our products either directly from the brands themselves or from their distributors. We like knowing where are stock from.

Are you featuring products for brands that are from just from one country?

We are contacting and featuring brands from the UK, Europe and the USA. We like to stay closer to home but we won't shut the door to brands that are willing to work with us. As we want to create choice and not limit ourselves too much. But there are a few guide lines that we wouldn't even cross. 

Where do you ship to?

We are mainly for the UK and Europe, as we don't think that the USA have any problems trying to locate products that are suitable for the darker skin tone. 

Are you only featuring brands that are the current trend?

Brands could be up and coming, they could be leading brands and they could be massive names in the industry. We are open to all.