Editorial Photoshoot!

An image can say a thousand works...

Sometimes you have to show things a new light, and just for fun we thought it would be a GREAT idea to use the products that we are currently selling and show case them in one of those magazine picture editorial that you see. 

As we continue to do move all the new ones will be at the top, so just scroll down for the rest...

If you can think of a style or an iconic image to yourself that you want to challenge us to re-create contacts us and let us know type recreate the look in the subject heading. Or on Instagram or Twitter tag us and don't forget to hashtag recreate the look. 

 The basics.

All of our looks have the same basics so you are looking at primer, concealer, foundation and if needed press powder. Yes even our make-up but doesn't look like your wearing make-up look. Have these bases all of them are just matching our models natural skin-tone.  

No makeup, makeup look.

One of the hardest looks to pull off the no makeup, makeup looks. Which is amazing to master as there is sometimes event and place that you're just not able to wear a full on face coverage, but you could be that person who would never leave the house without full-coverage. So this is definitely something to have under your belt, so those odd occasions. 


 Plum & Navy LookBook.

Using the RK by Kiss Navy Quad eyeshadow to create a really strong and over the top smokey eye. Matching this with the Island Beauty Lipstick in the Plum colour to create a dramatic look.

 Plum & Navy Eyes.

A close-up look of the eyeshadow to create this strong look we did go really over the top with the eyeshadow, just remember that you have to put on the basic first like a primer as this really doesn't work on bare skin you need to make sure that there is something on your skin that will allow the powder to attach to and no moisturiser works in a different way of absorbing into the skin, not creating a smooth base like how a primer does.