Kol Cosmetics

A cosmetic brand that have created a range of mineral foundation that looks into the undertone of your skin to determine which shade of their foundation will be suitable to your skin tone to create that flawless finish. With a rich pigment that is ideal to help blend out imperfections to leave a matte flawless and light-weight finish.

As the ingredients that have been used are natural it along KOL Cosmetics foundations to be suitable for vegan, gluten-free and Halal lifestyles.

Knowing your undertone....

Warm undertone - your skin will have a more yellow to golden look to it.

Neutral undertone - your skin has a mixture of both the warm and cool tones so when you look at your skin you should not see any yellow, red or blue as an underline base.

Cool undertone - you skin will have a hint of blue or red look to it.

Olive undertone - your skin with have the same look as the natural undertone the only difference will be that your veins will have a little bit of a green tint to it.