Crown Brushes are now doing makeup!!!

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Everyone knows that Crown Brushes are renown for their quality of their professional makeup brushes. They have been in the industry catering for the needs of store, salons and independent make-up artist (MUA) and are the go to people for your brushes needs.

But did you know that they are branching even more to the make-up industry and are turning their hand to the make-up that their brushes are normally used to putting on everyone's faces. 

Here at Minority Beauty being a stockist for Crown Brushes we just had to get our hands on their products to see what it is really like! And we are in love and had to bring this to the store to share with you. Not only being 'cruelty - free' but having a brand that was willing to have the darker shades available from the start and not being an after thoughts in both of their foundations and concealers. We completely applaud Crown for what they are doing and really happy to embrace the into our Minority Beauty family that we are creating. 

Have a look at the images below as we tried them.

Foundation applied them dried.                  Concealer colours.

Crown - FoundationCrown - Concealer

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