Minority Beauty @ Professional Beauty 2017.

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So we went down to the Excel London to experience the 'Professional Beauty' trade show.

For people who are not sure what this is. It happen once a year where different people over the industry that make beauty what it is (salon staff & owners, make-up artist, retail owners etc...) gathered for 2 days. 

During this time, people are doing the normal networking, but they are also seminars and talks about new techniques and new products including ways to change things. That we are doing today to better ourselves. 

There is also competitions from Nail Art, to body painting (these body painting artist have some serious talent). 

And let's not forget the Guys who took part in the Barber competitions. Amazing to see some of the skills that are out there. Which is really easy to do as when you say beauty. You automatically think of the traditional women's beauty and forget that Men are slowly increasing their own knowledge of looking after them-self. Which is fine we us, just as long as they remember who the mirror really belongs to.


We REALLY loved the show and it was great to experience it. But we have done 2 different shows in London. What we can't wait for ........

What Birmingham brings us in May for the Beauty UK Show...

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