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Would you do a Mystery Box...?

We thought that we should have some fun. Searching through different sites, blogs & the world that is You-Tube and we came across this whole thing about MYSTERY BOXES. Basically people (bless their souls). Purchase these boxes some of them are themed. And then they wait for it to get delivered to them, not knowing what they have purchased or anything. Think of it like getting Christmas or Birthday presents but delivered by the post man/ woman instead.....

We love anything that is unusual and a bit of fun, so we thought that we try and do a few of these and see what happens. So we got a few of our friends together with a pile of stuff. (This is including a few things that we sell and a few random stuff to boot). Depending on the price point, which gave us the amount of items that would be added into the box we was doing. 

Items were put in and the boxes were sealed. The only thing that we can see from these boxes is what price point that they belong to, we do not have a clue of what is inside of them. 

Do you want to know what is inside of them? As there is only one way to find out....

Do you want one? In the search box type in the word 'Mystery Box' to take you to the page.

If you do get one, let us know what you received in the comments section of this product....