Munaza & Sonia Eyeshadow palettes still available at Minority Beauty

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Eyeshadow palettes that are individual and high pigmented has always been a must for us at Minority Beauty and this is also one of the reasons why we are a stockist for the makeup brand Blush Tribe. As an online store that is catering for WOC and with melanin skin tone. We know that is an eyeshadow is not high pigmented then there really is no point. 

That is why we are happy to stockist Blush Tribes Eyeshadow palettes. At the moment we currently still have the following palettes available on our online makeup boutique store.

Munaza Palette - This is a vibrate coloured eyeshadow palette with a yellow and even a neon pink included alongside 14 other colours. This is definitely a paint the rainbow palette and let's have some fun.


 Sonia Palette - This is a more reserved palette and plays along the concept of Mendhi makeup that is apparent from the palettes cover. The eyeshadow colours are more subtle in colours and play a lot more with metallic and richness in colours. 


Hasina Palette - This palette is somewhere in the middle ground. With a few bright colours and different shades of colours. This is a great palette for ombre eyeshadows that still pack a punch.


Pastel Limited Edition - Now do you think that we wouldn't be able to get our hands on this palette? Did you imagine a eyeshadow palette that focused more on pastel colours and was still high pigmented? Well you do not have to imagine as we have it as well.



All these palettes are still currently available at Minority Beauty online store at the time of going to press. Once they are gone then they are gone just like what happened to the Blossom and Laila 2 palette. 

So grab them whilst they are still available

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