Doris Michaels Cosmetics

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You have the amazing eyeshadow and lipsticks. But before you get to all of that do you have your base covered?

When we say base we are talking about your foundation, your concealer. Are you wearing a colour that truly matches your skin-tone? or are you wearing something that is close to your natural colour?

Yes we know that there are many high end brands that do amazing colour matches, but how much are you paying? Compare to what your friends, colleague are paying?

Not fair right!

So let us tell you a secret Doris Michaels Cosmetics. A woman who was on a mission to change of this and boy did she change it. Crafting foundations in all forms be it compact, liquid, mineral powder and lets not forget concealer. To truly match darker shades that are quality and at affordable prices.

Doris Michaels also thought about different types of coverage from full cover to light feel. To the point that the liquid foundation is advised to be diluted to personal preferences?! (how many brands can you name that allows you to do this?).

We are so happy to be allowed to become a stockist for Doris Michaels Cosmetics.

Try it and see what it is all about, we will say it again quality and affordable.

We know that we said it was a secret. But this is a secret that needs to be SHARED so spread the word, tell everyone as the makeup foundation is going to change.