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Glitter Lips - Forbidden

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Make you lips sparkle and shine with the this new innovation from Beauty Boulevard. Glitter lips in the colour of Vintage Pretty, that will make your lips sparkle as it catches the light. 

  • A very simple application please make sure that your lips are dry and clean before you start. 
  • Keeping your lips apart apply the gloss and allow this to go clear (little tip do one lip at a time).
  • Generously apply the glitter to the lips with the application pad, making sure to do an even coverage (if you lightly dampen pad to help to lift the glitter).
  • Dust off any excess.

Please note we have attached a visual step by step instruction on the 'How do I do that Page' located at the top.

To remove you will need to use an oil based make-up remover.

  * Please note that postage & packaging cost is per order not per item. Delivery cost will be confirmed for your whole order at the checkout stage.


Bond: Acrylates Copolymer, Aqua

Glitter: Polyester/Epoxy Copolymer, Aluminium CI, Pigments


Excessive use can cause dry lips. Not for consumption. Skin allergy test to be carried out prior to use. Do not use on cracked or sore skin. Keep away from children.


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