BrushEgg - Brush Cleaner

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A new way of making sure that your brushes are clean. As no-one likes using a dirty brush and it'd just not hygienic. 

These are made out of silicone with 2 different textures so that you can create a form lather and also dislodge any dirt or old makeup, this deep inside the brush. 

Please Note: that the colour of the BrushEgg will vary depending to what is available, at the time of ordering.

What do I do?

  1. Wet your make-up brush bristles.
  2. Apply either a makeup brushes shampoo, liquid hand wash or a mild shampoo, on the the ridged surface of the 'BrushEgg'. (You will only need a small amount anything larger than a pea size, it just going to be waste).
  3. Now the fun part, swirl your brush head against the BrushEgg in different directions. You are basically trying to loose an old makeup that might be still in the brush. 
  4. Under warm water. Rinse the brush head.
  5. The next part optional but I tend to repeat steps 23 again.
  6. Then let your brushes dry on a flat surface. Some people have a brush guard, so use this with the guard being higher than the tip of the brush, so that your brush is suspended within. 

Some people don't have these, just remember that if water seep into the the metal part of the brush over time this will loosen the glue and holding either the bristles together or the brush head to the handle.

Final Part.

As you might have gathered we do like to go that extra mile. With a small amount of your favourite hand sanitiser (not enough to make it wet again), put some on the makeup bristles and reshape then into their original shape, and let dry.

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