5 Pieces Unicorn Brushes.

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5 Pieces Unicorn Makeup Brushes.

Fun fabulous and multi-coloured like a Unicorn should be these make-up brushes are something that just needs to be talked about, seen and used. With a high quality finish, with synthetic bristles suitable for everyone. 

Foundation - Great for full coverage of powder or mineral foundation.

Bronzer / Highlighter  - Great for full coverage of powder or mineral foundation. 

Blusher  - Prefect for applying loose or mineral blusher to cheeks and along the cheekbones.

Blending  - To smooth out when doing contouring for a cleaner finish that is not visible to the naked eye.

Eyeshadow - For apply eyeshadow across the eye socket and along the brow bone.

This set also comes with 1 BrushEgg that is made out of silicone with 2 different textures so that you can create a form lather and also dislodge any dirt or old makeup, this deep inside the brush. 

Please Note: that the colour of the BrushEgg will vary depending to what is available, at the time of ordering.

* Please note that postage & packaging cost is per order not per item. Delivery cost will be confirmed for your whole order at the checkout stage.

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